I-604 Orphan Investigation Law and Legal Definition

I-604 Orphan Investigation is an investigation that is conducted by the Department of State Consular Officer who adjudicates an internationally adopted child’s immigrant visa application. Such an investigation must be conducted before an immigrant visa can be issued to the child. The investigation is meant to protect the rights of children against unlawful child recruitment by adoption agencies. All international adoptions must pass an I-604 Determination On Child For Adoption. I-604 is performed by an U.S. consular officer and not by the adoptive parents.

This investigation helps in: verifying the orphan status of the child; and ensuring that the child does not suffer from a medical condition that the adoptive parents, do not already know about and are willing to accept. As a part of the immigrant visa application process and the I-604 Orphan Investigation, the adopted child will be examined by a U.S. approved foreign physician.

I-604 Orphan Investigation is also termed I-604 Determination On Child For Adoption or orphan investigation.