Imminent Law and Legal Definition

Imminent means about to happen or occur. Something that is to take place very soon ; immediate.

Example of a state statute using the word imminent.

Cal Wel & Inst Code § 3104. Imminent danger of addiction; Informing as to constitutional rights; Appointment of counsel; Hearing set by judge

If the report is to the effect that the person is addicted or is by reason of the repeated use of narcotics in imminent danger of addiction, the person shall be taken before the judge, who shall then inform him of his right to be represented by counsel, to make a defense to the petition, to produce witnesses in his behalf, and to cross-examine witnesses. If he is financially unable to employ counsel the judge shall appoint counsel to represent him, and in a county where there is no public defender or where the judge finds that the public defender has properly refused to represent the person, the judge shall fix the compensation to be paid by the county for such services. The judge shall by order fix such time and place for the hearing in open court as will give a reasonable opportunity for the production and examination of witnesses.