Impartial Hearing Officer Law and Legal Definition

According to 29 USCS § 705(16)A [Title 29. Labor; Chapter 16. Vocational Rehabilitation and Other Rehabilitation Services; General Provisions] the term "impartial hearing officer" means an individual--

(i) who is not an employee of a public agency (other than an administrative law judge, hearing examiner, or employee of an institution of higher education);

(ii) who is not a member of the State Rehabilitation Council described in section 105 [29 USCS § 725];

(iii) who has not been involved previously in the vocational rehabilitation of the applicant or eligible individual;

(iv) who has knowledge of the delivery of vocational rehabilitation services, the State plan under section 101 [29 USCS § 721], and the Federal and State rules governing the provision of such services and training with respect to the performance of official duties; and

(v) who has no personal or financial interest that would be in conflict with the objectivity of the individual.