Imputation Law and Legal Definition

Impute means attribute. Imputation refers to the act or instance of imputing something especially a fault or crime to a person. It can also be an accusation or charge.

For example, in the state of Illinois there are five types of statements, if falsely communicated, which constitute defamation per se: (1) Those imputing the commission of a criminal offense; (2) Those imputing infection with a communicable disease of any kind which, if true, would tend to exclude one from society; (3) Those imputing inability to perform or want of integrity in the discharge of duties of office or employment; (4) Those prejudicing a particular party in his profession or trade; and (5) those imputing adultery or fornication. Van Horne v. Muller, 185 Ill. 2d 299, 307, 705 N.E.2d 898, 903 (1999).