Inattentive Driving Law and Legal Definition

Inattentive driving is generally the failure to pay proper attention to the road while driving. It includes, among thers, talking, eating, putting on make up and attending to children. Using cell phones and other wireless or electronic units are also considered distractions.

Inattentive driving and penalties are governed by state laws, which vary by state. The following is an example of a state statute dealing with inattentive driving:

9.15.020 Inattentive driving prohibited.

"It is a traffic infraction, with a monetary penalty of one hundred seventy-five dollars ($175.00), including statutory assessments, for any person to operate a motor vehicle within the City in an inattentive manner. For purposes of this section, “inattentive manner” means the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner which evidences a lack of that degree of attentiveness required to safely operate the vehicle under the prevailing conditions, including but not limited to the nature and condition of the roadway, presence of other traffic, presence of pedestrians and weather conditions."