Independent Account Controller Law and Legal Definition

According to 17 CFR 150.1 [Title 17 -- Commodity And Securities Exchanges; Chapter I -- Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Part 150 -- Limits On Positions], independent account controller means “a person --

(1) Who specifically is authorized by an eligible entity, as defined in paragraph (d) of this section, independently to control trading decisions on behalf of, but without the day-to-day direction of, the eligible entity;

(2) Over whose trading the eligible entity maintains only such minimum control as is consistent with its fiduciary responsibilities to fulfill its duty to supervise diligently the trading done on its behalf or as is consistent with such other legal rights or obligations which may be incumbent upon the eligible entity to fulfill;

(3) Who trades independently of the eligible entity and of any other independent account controller trading for the eligible entity;

(4) Who has no knowledge of trading decisions by any other independent account controller; and

(5) Who is registered as a futures commission merchant, an introducing broker, a commodity trading advisor, an associated person or any such registrant, or is a general partner of a commodity pool the operator of which is exempt from registration.”