Independent Testing Laboratory (Gaming Law) Law and Legal Definition

Independent testing laboratories are laboratories which are not under the control of a state or other governmental bodies, but which is competent and of good reputation. These laboratories test a variety of things including labs, testing the quality of electronic devices etc.

The following is an example of a state statute (Oklahoma) defining the term ‘Independent testing laboratory’ in reference with the State Tribal Gaming Act:

According to 3A Okl. St. § 269 (10) Independent testing laboratory means “a laboratory of national reputation that is demonstrably competent and qualified to scientifically test and evaluate devices for compliance with this act and to otherwise perform the functions assigned to it in this act. An independent testing laboratory shall not be owned or controlled by an organizational licensee, an Indian tribe, the state, or any manufacturer, supplier or operator of gaming devices. The use of an independent testing laboratory for any purpose related to the conduct of electronic gaming by an organization licensee under this act shall be made from a list of one or more laboratories approved by the Commission”.