Independent Tortfeasors Law and Legal Definition

Independent tortfeasors are tortfeasors who injured the same person or the same property but who acted without common design or concert of action and in the absence of any circumstance, such as common duty, joint enterprise, or relationship, which would make them joint tortfeasors.

Persons who act severally and independently, each causing a separate and distinct injury, cannot be sued jointly, even though the injury will have been precisely similar in character and inflicted at the same time. [Brose v. Twin Falls Land & Water Co., 24 Idaho 266 (Idaho 1913)]

In the case of independent concurring torts the release of one wrongdoer does not release the other. [Husky Refining Co. v. Barnes, 119 F.2d 715, 716 (9th Cir. Idaho 1941)]