Induction Services [Education] Law and Legal Definition

According to 34 CFR 263.3 [Title 34 – Education; Subtitle B -- Regulations of the Offices of the Department of Education; Chapter II -- Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Education; Part 263 -- Indian Education Discretionary Grant Programs; Subpart A -- Professional Development Program], the term induction services means “services provided after the participant completes his or her training program and includes, at a minimum, these activities:

(1) Mentoring, coaching, and consultation services for the participant to improve performance,

(2) Access to research materials and information on teaching and learning,

(3) Periodic assessment of, and feedback sessions on, the participant's performance, provided in coordination with the participant's supervisor,

(4) Periodic meetings or seminars for participants to enhance collaboration, feedback, and peer networking and support.”