Informal Caregiver Law and Legal Definition

Informal caregiver is a family member or a natural person who aids and supervises the daily cares of a disabled person. Informal caregiver contributes and involves in caretaking responsibilities of the weak or disable person. They provide services on a daily basis like listening to the care recipient, giving companionship and phone contact, assisting with meals, medicines and helping with worries, anxiety and emotional needs. It is not necessary that s/he may live with the frail person in the same house. In order to assist and improve the quality of care provided by informal caregivers, training and technical assistant programs are conducted throughout the state.

Following is an example of a state statute (New York) defining informal caregiver.

NY CLS Elder § 206(2)(a) reads:

"Informal caregiver" shall mean the family member or other natural person who normally provides the daily care or supervision of a frail or disabled person, or any family member or other natural person who contributes to and is involved in the caretaking responsibilities for such frail or disabled person. Such informal caregiver may, but need not, reside in the same household as the frail or disabled person.