Ingredient Statement Law and Legal Definition

Every pesticide label must include the active and inert ingredients in the product. The ingredient statement shows what the active ingredients are and the amount of each. The ingredient statement must list the official chemical names or common names for all active ingredients. Even though inert ingredients need not be named, the label must show what percent of the total contents they comprise.

The following is an example of state statute ( Alabama) defining Ingredient Statement:

According to Code of Ala. § 2-27 ingredient statement is a statement of the name and percentage of each active ingredient, the total percentage of the inert ingredients and the name and percentage of each ingredient in the pesticide and, when the pesticide contains arsenic in any form, a statement of the percentage of total and water-soluble arsenic, each calculated as elemental arsenic; provided, however, that in the case of a household pesticide which is not highly toxic to man, the ingredient statement may name each active ingredient in descending order of its predominance, together with the name of each, and the total percentage of the inert ingredients".