Intentional Omission Law and Legal Definition

An intentional omission is the purposeful failure to mention or include the item omitted. In order to intentionally omit something, the omitting person or entity must have knowledge of the item being left out.

An example of an Alabama case using the term "intentionally omitted" follows:

"When it affirmatively appears that the names of a large number of citizens who possess the qualifications required by law of jurors, are intentionally omitted from the jury roll and intentionally omitted from the jury roll and intentionally left out of the jury box, we think that is a fraud in law that requires the quashing of a venire drawn from a box of that kind. It is not the kind of a jury box contemplated by law. Our Statutes do not contemplate discriminations of that kind, neither do they tolerate any system or scheme of selecting other than the selection of names authorized by law in passing on the qualifications of the names obtained by the clerk."Inter-Ocean Casualty Co. v. Banks, 32 Ala. App. 225, 227 (Ala. Ct. App. 1945)