Interactive Stream [Patents] Law and Legal Definition

According to 37 CFR 385.11 [Title 37 -- Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights; Chapter III -- Copyright Royalty Board, Library of Congress; Subchapter E -- Rates and Terms for Statutory Licenses; Part 385 -- Rates and Terms for use of Musical Works Under Compulsory License for Making and Distributing of Physical and Digital Phonorecords; Subpart B -- Interactive Streaming, Other Incidental Digital Phonorecord Deliveries and Limited Downloads], the term interactive stream means “a stream of a sound recording of a musical work, where the performance of the sound recording by means of the stream is not exempt under 17 U.S.C. 114(d)(1) and does not in itself or as a result of a program in which it is included qualify for statutory licensing under 17 U.S.C. 114(d)(2).”