Interesse Termini Law and Legal Definition

Interesse Termini is a Latin term meaning, interest of term or end. It is a lessee’s right of entry into a leased property. Interesse termini is also a lessee’s interest in real property before taking possession. An interesse termini is also referred to as an interest. It gives the lessee a claim against any person who prevents the lessee from entering or accepting delivery of the property.

In Byrd Cos. v. Birmingham Trust Nat'l Bank, 482 So. 2d 247 (Ala. 1985), it was held that when a leasehold estate for a term for years to begin in futuro, it is created a present interest vests, called an interesse termini, although not an interest in possession, until the lessee enters into possession. Hence, interesse termini thus applies in two situations, where the term stated in the lease has commenced but the lessee has not taken possession, and where there is a lease to take effect in the future.