Interim Retention of Authorities Law and Legal Definition

According to 6 CFR 5.20 (Title 6, Homeland Security; Chapter 1, Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Secretary; Part 5, Disclosure of Records and Information; Subpart B, Privacy Act), interim retention of authorities, means that, as an interim solution, all agencies and components under the Department will retain the necessary authority from their original purpose in order to conduct these necessary activities. This includes the authority to maintain Privacy Act systems of records, disseminate information pursuant to existing or new routine uses, and retention of exemption authorities. This retention of an agency or component's authorities and information practices will remain in effect until this regulation is promulgated as a final rule, or the Department revises all systems of records notices. This retention of authority is necessary to allow components to fulfill their mission and purpose during the transition period of the establishment of the Department. During this transition period, the Department shall evaluate with the components the existing authorities and information practices and determine what revisions (if any) are appropriate and should be made to these existing authorities and practices. The Department anticipates that such revisions will be made either through the issuance of a revised system of records notices or through subsequent final regulations.”