Interior Design Contract Law and Legal Definition

An interior design contract (“Contract”) is a legal document which spells out the terms of a relationship between an interior designer and a client. Professional organizations of interior designers highly recommend that everyone who embarks on an interior design project obtain a contract and review the contract carefully. Many interior designers maintain basic contracts which can be adjusted to fit minor jobs, and a contract can also be customized for a project with the assistance of a lawyer, as might be the case with major projects such as completing the interior design scheme for a hotel or office building. In an interior design contract, a number of stipulations are spelled out. The Contract clearly lays out the scope of the project and the responsibilities of the interior designer, and it establishes deadlines for various stages of the project. Interior design contracts also include a discussion of the fees involved, including an explanation of the estimate for the project, and the types of expenses which may arise while the project is completed.