International Centre of Missing and Exploited Children Law and Legal Definition

The International Centre of Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) is an international agency to protect children from sexual exploitation and abduction. It works against child exploitation and abduction. The ICMEC was created in May 1997, when the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children Board of Directors authorized its creation.

Currently, the ICMEC provides support, training, and expertise to governments, law enforcement, policymakers, industry, civil society, and others all across the globe, with the objective of providing a safer place for all children. Some function of the ICMEC include:

Developing a global network to disseminate images of and information about missing and exploited children.

Establishing international resources to find missing children and prevent child sexual exploitation.

Providing training to law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, legal professionals, nongovernmental organizations, and government officials.

Promoting the creation of global operational centers on a public-private partnership model.

Leading a global financial coalition to eradicate commercial child pornography from the Internet.

Recommending changes in laws, treaties, and systems to protect children worldwide.

Conducting global expert conferences to build awareness, and to encourage and increase cooperation and collaboration between and among countries.