Inure Law and Legal Definition

Inure has the following meanings

  • To take effect or come into use. In property law it can mean to vest. For example the settlement proceeds must inure to the benefit of the widow and children.
  • To make accustomed to something unpleasant. For example abused children become inured to violence.

Example of a statute in Florida mentioning the word inure:

Fla. Stat. § 495.041 Use by related companies

Where a mark registered or unregistered is or may be used legitimately by related companies, such use shall inure to the benefit of the owner of the mark, and such use shall not affect the validity of such mark or of its registration, provided such mark is not used in such manner as to deceive the public. If first use of a mark by a person is controlled by the registrant or applicant for registration of a mark with respect to the nature and quality of the goods or services, such first use shall inure to the benefit of that registrant or applicant, as the case may be.