Investor [Banks & Banking] Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 12 USCS § 1747l (a) [Title 12. Banks and Banking; Chapter 13. National Housing; Insurance for Investments in Rental Housing for Families of Moderate Income], the term investor shall mean “(1) any natural person; (2) any group of not more than ten natural persons; (3) any corporation, company, association, trust, or other legal entity; or (4) any combination of two or more corporations, companies, associations, trusts, or other legal entities, having all the powers necessary to comply with the requirements of this title [12 USCS §§ 1747 et seq.], which the Secretary (i) shall find to be qualified by business experience and facilities, to afford assurance of the necessary continuity of long-term investment, and to have available the necessary capital required for long-term investment in the project, and (ii) shall approve as eligible for insurance under this title [12 USCS §§ 1747 et seq.].”