Job Classification Law and Legal Definition

Job classification is an evaluation method that groups jobs into a predetermined number of grades or classifications, each having a class description and often a pay range to use for job comparisons. It is the process of comparing the duties and qualifications of a position with the categories in the job classification model and assigning the position to the appropriate category, title and pay band.

A job classification system is used to group positions which have similar duties and the same levels of complexity and responsibility, require similar training and experience at the time of recruitment, and are compensated at the same general levels of pay. It is designed to facilitate a number of human resource management goals including recruitment, selection, and salary administration in an organized and consistent fashion. As a system of classification, the job classification systems is structured to aid administrators in understanding, organizing and dealing with an array of job functions. This is accomplished by having a systematic method for describing and providing titles for the different types of positions, utilizing common terminology and characteristics.