Joint Tortfeasor Law and Legal Definition

Joint tortfeasors are two or more persons who unite in committing a tort, or whose acts concur in contributing to and producing a single indivisible injury upon a third person.

When two or more persons unite in the commission of a wrong, or where separate and independent acts of negligence by different persons all concur as a proximate cause in producing an injury, such wrongdoers are jointly and severally liable for the damage resulting therefrom.

In order to hold two or more defendants jointly liable as tort-feasors, there must be some joint or concurrent act or community of action or a neglect of some common duty, or it must appear that the several wrongful acts of the defendants done at different times all concurred in their effects as a single act to produce the injury complained of. [Brose v. Twin Falls Land & Water Co., 24 Idaho 266 (Idaho 1913)]