Journeyman Law and Legal Definition

Journeyman is a person who has successfully completed his/her apprenticeship in a building trade or craft and who is thereby qualified to do that work or considered a qualified skilled laborer. S/he may be experienced and competent but has not become a master or an undistinguished worker.

A journeyman’s license is required in many locales for those employed at an intermediate level in certain trades, such as plumbing, mechanical work, and electrical work. The requirements for a journeyman's license are set by each state in the U.S.

In the U.S., an electrician is usually required to hold a state or local license as a journeyman or master. The journeyman license certifies that the electrician has met the requirements of time worked in the particular field.

A journeyman has also the responsibility of supervising lesser experienced workers and training them. He must be qualified to work unsupervised himself.