Judicial Bypass Appeals Law and Legal Definition

Judicial bypass appeals is an appeal from an order denying or dismissing a petition filed by a minor under age seventeen to bypass parental consent to an abortion. A minor may appeal an order denying or dismissing a petition to bypass parental consent by filing a notice of appeal in any district or superior court, or directly with the clerk of the appellate courts. The notice of appeal may be filed in person, by mail, or by fax, and must be accompanied by a copy of the order from which the appeal is taken. No filing fee will be charged. The record on appeal consists of the superior court file, including all papers and exhibits filed in the superior court, and, unless otherwise ordered, a recording of the proceedings before the superior court. Oral argument will be held within 72 hours, unless the minor waives the right to oral argument in the notice of appeal. The court shall enter an order stating its decision immediately after oral argument or, if oral argument has been waived, within three days after the date the notice of appeal is filed. The court may issue an opinion explaining the decision.