Judicial Exclusion Law and Legal Definition

Exclusion means the act or practice of excluding. Judicial Exclusion refers to the Judge’s discretion in excluding or including something while interpreting laws.

For example In Jackson Lumber Co. v. Walton County, 95 Fla. 632, 665 (Fla. 1928)the court held that the determination as to what purposes of taxation constitute "county purposes" must be worked out by the gradual process of judicial exclusion and inclusion.

Hinn v. Beary, 701 So. 2d 579, 581 (Fla. 5th DCA 1997) the court pointed out that the legislative history strongly supports the conclusion that in so amending the statute, the legislature was reacting to the judicial exclusion of deputies from the previous definition and was seeking only to put full-time deputies on a par with other full-time law enforcement officers rather than extending these rights to part-time deputy sheriffs at the exclusion of other part-time law enforcement officers.