Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program Act of 1994 Law and Legal Definition

The Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program Act of 1994 (“Act”) is a federal law enacted on October 6, 1994. The Act provides for a school program for environmental conservation and educational goals. The provisions of the Act are codified at 16 U.S.C. §§ 719-719c.

The program aims to provide school children environmental education opportunities relating to the conservation and management of migratory birds. Additionally, the Act makes efforts to increase the capacity for schools, states, and other educational programs to conduct conservation and education programs.

As part of the program, the Secretary of the Interior (Secretary) is directed to conduct an annual competition to sought submissions of designs relating to conservation of migratory birds by elementary and secondary school students. The winning designs may be used for the licensing and marketing of the designs and the Junior Duck Stamps.

The money that is gathered from licensing and marketing of Junior Duck Stamps are to be used for: awards and scholarships to individuals who submit winning competition designs; awards to schools and other participants to further educational activities related to the conservation education goals of the program; and to meet the expenses for licensing and marketing.