Juridical Act Law and Legal Definition

Juridical act as used in civil law refers to a lawful act or expression of will intended to have legal consequences.

For example in Louisiana, the concurrence of both spouses is required for the alienation, encumbrance, or lease of community immovables, standing, cut, or fallen timber, furniture or furnishings while located in the family home, all or substantially all of the assets of a community enterprise, and movables issued or registered as provided by law in the names of the spouses jointly. Concurrance of the spouse is a Juridical act.[La. C.C. Art. 2347]

Likewise a man who marries the mother of a child not filiated to another man and who, with the concurrence of the mother, acknowledges the child by authentic act or by signing the birth certificate is presumed to be the father of that child. The concurrence of the mother required by this Article is a juridical act.[La. C.C. Art. 195]