Jury Foreman Law and Legal Definition

A jury foreman is a jury member who acts as the chairman and spokesperson for the jury. S/he is the head juror. A jury foreman is often elected by either the jury or the judge of a civil or criminal case. A jury member may also volunteer to hold this position. This position is usually appointed or assigned either before the trial begins or prior to deliberations.

A jury foreman has the responsibility of performing a number of duties such as:

1. Ensuring that each jury member is present in the jury room when deliberations begin.

2. Confirming that each juror understands the deliberation procedures and knows that each member is allowed to ask questions s/he may have concerning the case.

3. Ensuring that deliberations are conducted in an orderly manner and that the discussion is open to each member.

4. Ensuring that a jury member does not bully another.

5. Confirming that each juror is aware of his/her responsibilities and that each juror is allowed to state their views and reasons as to their verdict.

6. Communicating on behalf of the jury with the judge.

7. Announcing the verdict.