Jus Ad Rem Law and Legal Definition

Jus ad rem is a Latin term of the civil law, meaning "a right to a thing." It is a personal right to possession of property that usually arises from a contractual obligation (as a lease). Jus ad rem is a mere imperfect or inchoate right.

It is a right exercisable by one person over a particular article of property in virtue of a contract or obligation incurred by another person in respect to it and which is enforceable only against or through such other person. The right a man has in relation to a thing; it is not the right in the thing itself, but only against the person who has contracted to deliver it. Jus ad rem is descriptive of a right without possession. On the other hand jus in re is descriptive of a right accompanied by possession. It is thus distinguished from jus in re which is a complete and absolute dominion over a thing available against all persons.