Jus Strictum Law and Legal Definition

Jus strictum is a Latin term which means ‘strict law’. It stands for law interpreted without any alteration, and in its extreme difficulty. It is also referred as strictum jus.

In Miller v. Insurance Co., 12 W. Va. 116 (W. Va. 1877), the court observed that “ It has been held, with special reference to contracts of marine insurance, that the strictum jus or apex juris is not to be laid hold on, but they are to be construed largely for the benefit of trade and for the insured--a rule, which under different forms of expression, has obtained with reference to all kinds of insurance to the present day. Having indemnity for its object, a contract is to be construed liberally to that end; and it is presumably the intention of the insurer, that the insured shall understand, that in case of loss he is to be protected to the full extent, which any fair interpretation will give. The spirit of the rule is, that where two interpretations equally fair may be given, that which gives the greater indemnity shall prevail.”