Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System Law and Legal Definition

The Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS) is an agency of the U.S. government that is responsible for transporting persons in legal custody between prisons, detaining centers, courthouses, and other locations. It is nicknamed "Con Air."

The JPATS was created in1995 with the merger of air fleets of the Marshals Service and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The merger created a more efficient and effective system for transporting prisoners and criminal aliens. The JPATS is managed by the Marshals Service. It is world’s largest transporter of prisoners. On a daily basis, the agency handles requests to move prisoners between judicial districts, correctional institutions and foreign countries.

The JPATS aids the federal judiciary through its scheduling and transportation responsibilities. JPATS transports sentenced prisoners who are in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) as well as ICE criminal/administrative aliens to hearings, court appearances and detention facilities. Additionally, it provides regular international flights for the removal of deportable aliens. Military and civilian law enforcement agencies use JPATS to transfer their prisoners between different jurisdictions at a fraction of what commercial sources would charge.