Key Employee Law and Legal Definition

According to 25 CFR 502.14 [Title 25 ;Indians Chapter Iii ; National Indian Gaming Commission; Subchapter A; General Provisions Part 502; Definitions of This Chapter ] Key employee means:

” (a) A person who performs one or more of the following functions:

(1) Bingo caller;

(2) Counting room supervisor;

(3) Chief of security;

(4) Custodian of gaming supplies or cash;

(5) Floor manager;

(6) Pit boss;

(7) Dealer;

(8) Croupier;

(9) Approver of credit; or

(10) Custodian of gambling devices including persons with access to cash and accounting records within such devices;

(b) If not otherwise included, any other person whose total cash compensation is in excess of $ 50,000 per year; or,

(c) If not otherwise included, the four most highly compensated persons in the gaming operation.

(d) Any other person designated by the tribe as a key employee.”