National Methamphetamine Information Clearinghouse Act Law and Legal Definition

The National Methamphetamine Information Clearinghouse Act (“Act”) is a federal legislation that promotes sharing information regarding successful law enforcement, treatment, prevention, social services, and other programs related to the production, use, of methamphetamine and grants available for such programs. The Act establishes, under the supervision of the Attorney General of the U.S., an information clearinghouse to be known as the national methamphetamine information clearinghouse.

The Act also establishes an advisory council to be known as the National Methamphetamine Advisory Council (“Council”). The Council consists of 10 members appointed by the Attorney General [21 USCS § 2012].

The duties of the Council are the following:

1.providing information on the short-term and long-term effects of methamphetamine use;

2.providing information regarding methamphetamine treatment and prevention programs and strategies and programs for drug endangered children, including descriptions of successful programs and strategies and contact information for such programs and strategies;

3.providing information regarding grants for methamphetamine-related programs, including contact information and links to websites;

4.Allowing a qualified entity to submit items to be posted on the website regarding successful public or private programs or other useful information related to the production, use, or effects of methamphetamine.****