National Preparedness System Law and Legal Definition

National Preparedness System (“system”) is a system developed by the President in order to enable the nation to meet the national preparedness goal. It is established pursuant to 6 USCS § 744. This System helps the nation to prepare itself from all hazards, including natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters.,/p>

The System includes the following components:

1.Target capabilities and preparedness priorities;

2.Equipment and training standards;

3.Training and exercises;

4.Comprehensive assessment system;

5.Remedial action management program;

6. Federal response capability inventory;

7.Reporting requirements;

8.Federal preparedness.

In order to support the System, the President ensures that each federal agency with some responsibilities that includes:

1.Meeting the national preparedness goal;

2.Communicating decision to the personnel;

3.Organizating structures that are assigned, trained, and exercised for the missions of the System;

4.Providing sufficient physical resources.