National Prison Rape Elimination Commission [NPREC] Law and Legal Definition

The National Prison Rape Elimination Commission (NPREC) is a commission established by the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 to study sexual assault in the U.S. prisons, and prepare a report based on its findings. It was established pursuant to 42 USCS § 15606.

The NPREA was composed of nine members, who were appointed for the life of the NPREA. Out of the nine members, three were appointed by the U.S. President, two by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, one by the minority leader of the House of Representatives, two by the majority leader of the Senate, and one by the minority leader of the Senate. Any person who has expertise knowledge on the matter to be studied by the NPREA was eligible to become a NPREA member.

Pursuant to 42 USCS § 15606, the NPREA was charged with the responsibility of conducting a comprehensive legal and factual study of the penalogical, physical, mental, medical, social, and economic impacts of prison rape in the U.S. on federal, state, and local governments; and communities and social institutions, including individuals, families, and businesses within such communities and social institutions.

The NPREA was also responsible for:

1. Reviewing existing laws, policies, and practices of the government with respect to the prevention, detection, and punishment of prison rape.

2. Assessing relationship between prison rape and prison conditions.

3. Assessing pathological or social causes of prison rape.

4. Assessing the extent to which the prison rape contributes to the transmission of HIV, and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Assessing characteristics of inmates most likely to commit prison rape, and inmates most likely to be rape victims, and the effectiveness of various types of treatment or programs to reduce such likelihood;

6. Assessing the safety and security of prison facilities and the relationship of prison facility construction and design to the incidence of prison rape.

The national standards recommended by the NPREA for enhancing the detection, prevention, reduction, and punishment of prison rape are found under 42 USCS § 15606 (e).