National Sex Offender Registry Law and Legal Definition

The National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) is a database that tracks details of sex offenders. The NSOR is available only to law enforcement that is maintained by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's Criminal Justice Information Services Division. The FBI’s Crimes Against Children Unit coordinated the development of the NSOR. The registry is now managed by the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

The following is a federal statute on national sex offender registry:

42 USCS § 16919. National Sex Offender Registry

(a) Internet. The Attorney General shall maintain a national database at the Federal Bureau of Investigation for each sex offender and any other person required to register in a jurisdiction's sex offender registry. The database shall be known as the National Sex Offender Registry.

(b) Electronic forwarding. The Attorney General shall ensure (through the National Sex Offender Registry or otherwise) that updated information about a sex offender is immediately transmitted by electronic forwarding to all relevant jurisdictions.