National Vigilance Park [NVP] Law and Legal Definition

National Vigilance Park (NVP) is a National Security Agency (NSA) component that stands to honor the silent warriors who risked, and often lost, their lives performing airborne signals intelligence missions during the cold war. The ground for NVP is a semicircle of trees, each symbolizing the various types of aircraft knocked down during U.S. aerial reconnaissance missions. Some of the aircrafts that we can see in NVP are:

C-130 aircraft which was downed by Soviet fighters over Soviet Armenia on 2 September 1958;

EA-3B aircraft which was downed during an operational mission in the Mediterranean on 25 January 1987 while attempting a landing on the USS Nimitz; and

Army RU-8D Seminole which pays tribute to the service and sacrifice of soldiers assigned to perform aerial reconnaissance and cryptologic intelligence-gathering missions during the Vietnam Conflict.