NATO-2 Law and Legal Definition

A NATO-2 visa is a non-immigrant US visa issued to a representative of member state to NATO or its subsidiary bodies, advisor or technical expert of the NATO delegation visiting U.S, a member of the NATO military forces component, a staff member of the NATO representative, and to the relatives of NATO-2 visa holders representatives.

Armed services personnel attached to NATO Allied Headquarters in the United States, who are traveling on official business or in accordance with the provisions of the NATO Status of Forces Agreement are exempt from passport and visa requirements. They must carry official military ID cards and NATO travel orders. However if issued, visas are classifiable under the NATO-2 symbol. Dependents of the armed services personnel referred to above will be classified under the symbol NATO-2.

‘Immediate relatives’ includes only the spouse of the representative and his unmarried sons and daughters of any age. The application procedures are the same as for the principal applicant.

NATO officials who intend to travel to the US on official business must obtain a "NATO" visa prior to their entry. They cannot travel on tourist visas, or visa free under the Visa Waiver Program.

NATO -2 visa holders are exempt from entry into the US-VISIT program.