Negotiated Rulemaking Act Law and Legal Definition

The Negotiated Rulemaking Act (1990) is a federal law enacted to encourage agencies to use regulatory negotiation process and to provide the explicit blessing of Congress for its use.

The purpose of the act is to establish a framework for the conduct of negotiated rulemaking to encourage agencies to use the process when it enhances the informal rulemaking process. The act provides for rule making through the use of a negotiated rulemaking committee. Negotiated rulemaking committee means an advisory committee established by an agency in accordance with this subchapter and the Federal Advisory Committee Act to consider and discuss issues for the purpose of reaching a consensus in the development of a proposed rule. According to the act the convener identifies:

a. the interests that will be significantly affected by the proposed rule;

b. the issues that must be resolved by the agency in the new proposed rule; and

c. people who are willing and able to represent the affected interests.