Nemo Debet Esse Judex In Propria Causa Law and Legal Definition

Nemo debet esse judex in propia causa is a Latin maxim meaning ‘no one ought to be a judge in his own cause’. It applies to two types of cases. Firstly, a judge is precluded from presiding over a case in which s/he directly appears as a party. Secondly a judge is precluded from decided a case in which s/he has an interest. It is trite law that no one should hear a case wherein s/he himself is interested in one way or the other. The justice system enshrines the basic highlights of justice equity and good conscience. Justice means justice by all means. Impartiality, absence of bias, fearlessness and assertion are the qualities highlighted by an unbiased approach to the judicial system. If one sits in his own case as a judge and decides the case, the justice delivery system will never be free from criticism. So it is imperative that no one shall be a judge in a case where s/he is either directly or indirectly a party.