Newspaper Preservation Law and Legal Definition

Newspaper preservation is a federal statute governed under Newspaper Preservation Act, 1970. Newspaper Preservation Act was enacted by the U.S. Congress. Newspaper preservation provided for newspaper operating arrangement which is a contract entered into by two or more newspaper owners for the publication of two or more newspaper publications.

Newspaper Preservation is a relief measure that allows multiple newspapers competing in the same market to cut costs, thus ensuring that no one paper could have supremacy in the market by driving the others out of business.

According to 15 USCS § 1802, newspaper preservation provides for joint or common production facilities which facilitates the following:

1. printing; time, method, and field of publication;

2. allocation of production facilities;


4.advertising solicitation;

5.circulation solicitation.

Newspaper preservation exempted newspapers from certain provisions of antitrust laws. This allowed for the survival of multiple daily newspapers in a given urban market where circulation was declining.

The statute 15 USCS § 1801 provides that in the public interest of maintaining a newspaper press editorially and reportorial independent and competitive in all parts of the U.S., it is declared that it is the public policy of the U.S. to preserve the publication of newspapers in any city, community, or metropolitan area