Nexis Law and Legal Definition

In 2000, LEXIS-NEXIS launched, a new Web-based interface of the flagship news and information service for business professionals. replaces the LEXIS-NEXIS Universe service for LEXIS-NEXIS customers, and provides an easier-to-use product with broader search capabilities and searching available from the home page. The main difference that offers is the ability to search directly from the home page and simultaneously search for LEXIS-NEXIS documents and from Web sources.

NEXIS is a computerized database that stores information in a text-only format. NEXIS contains articles from hundreds of journals (newspapers and periodicals) spanning many years. Subscribers to NEXIS, accessing the system through a computer, may search for articles by author, subject, date, publication, headline, key term, words in text, or other criteria. Responding to a search command, NEXIS scans the database and informs the user of the number of articles meeting the user's search criteria. The user then may view, print, or download each of the articles yielded by the search.