Nominal Group Technique Law and Legal Definition

Nominal group technique is is a consensus planning tool that helps prioritize issues. It is used to identify the major strengths of a department/unit/institution and provide each participant with an equal voice. In the nominal group technique, participants are brought together for a discussion session led by a moderator.

The nominal group technique involves the following steps:

  • Ask that all participants (usually 5-10 persons) write or say the problem or issue they feel is most important.
  • Develop a master list of the problems or issues.
  • Generate and distribute to each participate a form that numbers in no particular order the problems or issues. Request that each participant rank the top five problems or issues by assigning a #5 points to their most important perceived problem and #1 points the least important of their top five.
  • Tally the results by adding the points for each problem or issue. The problem or issue with the highest number is the most important one for the total team. Discuss the results and generate a final ranked list for action planning.