Non Identifying Information Law and Legal Definition

Non-identifying information is health and other family background information which is commonly exchanged or otherwise made available to the other members of the adoption process, but which does not include identifying information, such as names, addresses, birth dates and telephone numbers. It iincludes general appearance, religion, ethnicity, race, education, occupation, etc; and the name of the agency that arranged the adoption, and the facts and circumstances relating to the nature and cause of the adoption.

At the time of the adoption, the birthparents (most often the birthmother) were traditionally asked to supply basic information concerning her family life, her health, education, hobbies and similar things. This information provides the basis for what is referred to in adoption circles as non-id. Adoptive parents supplied similar information to the agencies or lawyers that were handling the adoption. This information was supposedly used to provide a suitable match between adoptive children and their prospective parents. Some state laws, which vary by state, provide for the release of this information to the adoptive parents and the adopted child when he/she reaches the age of majority.