Not Disposed Law and Legal Definition

Not disposed is a term having varied meanings depending on the context it is used. ‘Not disposed’ generally means not settled or that the matter is not decided. It could also mean ‘not willing’ or ‘not inclined'. Not disposed in the context of litigation could mean there have not been a final determination of a case or issue by the court. In connection with property it could mean that the property has not been transferred.

The following is a State Statute and case law (Missouri) using the term in different contexts:

If a Missouri resident charged with a moving traffic violation of this state or any county or municipality of this state fails to dispose of the charges of which the resident is accused through authorized prepayment of fine and court costs and fails to appear on the return date or at any subsequent date to which the case has been continued, or without good cause fails to pay any fine or court costs assessed against the resident for any such violation within the period of time specified or in such installments as approved by the court or as otherwise provided by law, any court having jurisdiction over the charges shall within ten days of the failure to comply inform the defendant by ordinary mail at the last address shown on the court records that the court will order the director of revenue to suspend the defendant's driving privileges if the charges are not disposed of and fully paid within thirty days from the date of mailing. [§ 302.341 R.S.Mo.]

In the absence of a rule, the Court is not disposed to extend the meaning of the word "signed" to permit typed names. Rather, the Court reads Civil Rule 11(a) to call for a name handwritten (or a mark handplaced). [Becker v. Montgomery, 532 U.S. 757 (U.S. 2001)]- As used here it means the court is not inclined.