Nuclear Risk Reduction Center [NRRC] Law and Legal Definition

The U.S. Nuclear Risk Reduction Center (NRRC) is an integral unit of the Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance Bureau. NRRC supports implementation of arms control and security and confidence building agreements with foreign governments by providing a permanent, rapid, reliable, and private means for government-to-government communication. The NRRC is a unique organization staffed by the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance within the Department of State (DOS). NRRC covers both bilateral and multilateral international communications dealing with approximately 15 different nuclear, chemical, and conventional arms control treaties and security-building agreements. Organizationally, the U.S. NRRC is located within the executive branch of the government. Additionally, the NRRC supports the interagency policy process during agreement negotiation so that the communications requirements of the resultant agreement can be implemented by the NRRC.