Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board Law and Legal Definition

Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (Board) is a federal agency providing independent scientific and technical supervision of the Department of Energy (DOE). The board was created by Congress in 1987. The Board is nonpolitical consisting of 11 members appointed by the U.S. President. The President selects the members from a list of nominees provided by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The board regulates the management and disposal of high level radio-active waste and nuclear fuel spent by the DOE. According to 10 CFR 1303.101, the public can inspect and obtain copies of policies and procedures laid down by the Board. The Board facilitates the development and compilation of technical information relating to the evaluation of DOE’s program and activities. The Board renders advice to Congress and the Secretary of Energy for the purpose of enhancing waste management techniques. The Board also reports to Congress and the Secretary of Energy on findings and information regarding waste management efforts in other countries.