Nutria Eradication and Control Act of 2003 Law and Legal Definition

Nutria Eradication and Control Act of 2003 is a U.S. law that provide for the eradication and control of nutria in Maryland and Louisiana. It authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to provide financial assistance to the States of Maryland and Louisiana for a program to implement measures to: (1) eradicate nutria in Maryland; (2 ) eradicate or control nutria in Louisiana and other States; and (3) restore marshland damaged by nutria. It directs the Secretary to require that the program in Maryland consist of management, research, and public education activities carried out in accordance with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service document entitled, "Eradication Strategies for Nutria in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay Watersheds." It limits the Federal share of program costs to 75 percent and further prohibits use of more than five percent of such Federal assistance for administrative expenses.