Occurrence [Energy] Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 712.3 [Title 10 Energy; Chapter III Department of Energy; Part 712 Human Reliability Program; Subpart A Establishment of and Procedures for the Human Reliability Program; General Provisions], occurrence means “any event or incident that is a deviation from the planned or expected behavior or course of events in connection with any DOE or DOE-controlled operation if the deviation has environmental, public health and safety, or national security protection significance, including (but not limited to) incidents involving:

(1) Injury or fatality to any person involving actions of a DOE employee or contractor employee;

(2) An explosion, fire, spread of radioactive material, personal injury or death, or damage to property that involves nuclear explosives under DOE jurisdiction;

(3) Accidental release of pollutants that results from, or could result in, a significant effect on the public or environment; or

(4) Accidental release of radioactive material above regulatory limits.”