Ocean, Coastal, and Great Lakes Resources Law and Legal Definition

According to 33 USCS § 1122 (Title 33, Navigation And Navigable Waters; Chapter 22, Sea Grant Colleges And Marine Science Development; National Sea Grant College Program), the term "ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes resources" means “the resources that are located in, derived from, or traceable to, the seabed, subsoil, and waters of--

(A) the coastal zone, as defined in section 304(1) of the Coastal Zone Management Act (16 U.S.C. 1453(1));

(B) the Great Lakes;

(C) Lake Champlain (to the extent that such resources have hydrological, biological, physical, or geological characteristics and problems similar or related to those of the Great Lakes);

(D) the territorial sea;

(E) the exclusive economic zone;

(F) the Outer Continental Shelf;

(G) the high seas.”