Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Facility or Plantship Law and Legal Definition

According to 46 USCS § 53701 [Title 46. Shipping; Subtitle V. Merchant Marine; Part C. Financial Assistance Programs; Chapter 537. Loans And Guarantees; Subchapter I. General], ocean thermal energy conversion facility or plantship means an at-sea facility or vessel, whether mobile, floating unmoored, moored, or standing on the seabed, that uses temperature differences in ocean water to produce electricity or another form of energy capable of being used directly to perform work, and includes

(A) equipment installed on the facility or vessel to use the electricity or other form of energy to produce, process, refine, or manufacture a product;

(B) a cable or pipeline used to deliver the electricity, freshwater, or product to shore; and

(C) other associated equipment and appurtenances of the facility or vessel to the extent they are located seaward of the high water mark.